From Russia with love

Yesterday saw the full comms team gather together for a workshop on behaviours. The session, facilitated by Ellie and Keith, looked at how we as a team are, or aren’t, exhibiting teamwork, pioneering, agility and proactive behaviours in our daily work life.


It was a very interesting session as we as a team have been at the heart of communicating all four to the rest of the organisation since the strategy launch back in May. So this was a time for us to look at ourselves. As a team we’ve identified some improvements to the way we work including setting our standards when it comes to working with our customers.


We’re also very pleased to have a special visitor with us at the moment. Natalya Sirotchenkova, Internal Communications Manager at Ericsson Eastern Europe & Central Asia, is here to learn more about how we manage internal comms and our channels, as well as share best practice on strategy communication – something which of course we were recognised as best in class last year. Natalya is based in Moscow, Russia and took part in our workshop too, and was immediately everyone’s best friend when she arrived with two boxes of Russian chocolates to aid the session!


A busy couple of days ahead for the team, we’ll be covering the topping out ceremony at Ansty on Friday for Spotlight TV as well as publishing the next show featuring Real Estate & FM on improvements over the last year to our offices. Plus it’s budget setting time for 2009.


Lastly, great to see that Captain Cosmic is having a positive effect on the Ericsson Racing Team. At the time of writing, Ericsson 4 are still neck and neck with Puma at the front with Ericsson 3 sitting in third place.

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