Very worthwhile iPhone apps

I make no excuses, but this post is probably of more interest to iPhone/iPod Touch owners like me.  I know there is a growing community of us at Ericsson and although we have to play the corporate line by having Sony Ericsson handsets as our number one choice, the iPhone is certainly breaking through as the Blackberry has done in the good old US of A.

With the App Store, Apple has a unique way of allowing users to very easily download applications to make life just that little bit easier. So, having used the Jesus phone since its birth, I thought I’d share some of my favourite apps that have made a permanent home on my first screen.

Cams Ahoy! – a great app which I only found yesterday but already made it to my home screen. This is basically a speed camera alert application that uses the GPS function of your iPhone to track your position and notify you through an audible alarm when closing in on both speed cameras and traffic signal cameras.

TV Plus – Forgotten to set your Sky+ to record your favourite show? This little app works with the remote record function offered by Sky and allows you to browse TV listings for all channels upto a week ahead and simply add them to be recorded.

My Football – great for all you footie fans. Displays live text from matches, results, stats, tables, fixtures etc. Perfect for when you’re on the move.

NetNewsWire – news headlines and RSS feeds direct to your phone in a format that’s very easy on the eye. It links into a free web-based account where you setup all your favourite links. There’s a PC and Mac version of this too which syncs up with the same data.

Wikipanion – Wikipedia for your iPhone. Never get stuck again at the pub quiz. Easy to use, links directly to the wikipedia site so everything on their is accessible in the palm of your hand.

eWallet – Always comes in handy as a secure store of passwords, information, membership details. I’m always forgetting passwords so with this I can find them when I need them.

There are few other apps which I’d recommend including Google Earth, Vicinity, Say Who and Bejeweled 2. If you have come across any apps, why not share them with your fellow iPhone users?

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