It can be done

Ok, here’s the brief: you need to engage all employees; communicate with all employees in an informative and of course innovative way; you need to promote the management team; you need to instil a sense of belief of one Ericsson; you need to deliver a review of the year with all parts of the business represented; you need to provide a means for instant feedback and questions; you need to reinforce our strategic direction. What do you do?


I know exactly what you’re thinking… Powerpoint presentation right? 20 or 30 slides per person? 10-15mins per speaker? Block out a couple of hours to deliver the message? Plan weeks in advance on the messaging – who’s going to say what? Let me stop you there! The part of my job I love the most is breaking down the barriers of tradition. Blowing away the thoughts that it can’t be done any other way. Powerpoint rules! Wrong.


This week has finished on a high for me with an all employee meeting today that defied all of the above. There were no slides; nine members of the management team including the Head of our organisation, all managed to get air-time to talk about successes, opportunities, customers, improvements, competitors; employee recognition was celebrated; and all inside 40 minutes!


Can it be done? Oh yes it can (sorry it’s panto season here!). We delivered a successful chat-show style event today which ticked all the boxes, which even the management team seemed to enjoy. Yes there is a time and place for Powerpoint, but today we turned a corner with a more open and engaging management team (together with a not too bad Comms team of course!) Let’s hope that begins to spread.

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