Panic in the least for a few seconds

Whilst the world’s press were publishing their view of Ericsson’s Q4 results (as expected many of them focusing on the SEK10Bn cost reductions with headline grabbing words such as ‘slash’, ‘cut’, ‘shed’) for a moment in time in the Comms office here in Guildford, panic ensued. Browsing through the headlines and RSS feeds, we spotted one that for only the second time that morning, caused an outburst of expletives to be aired (the first was when Teamsite decided not to play ball – again!).
The headline, as reported from the BBC read “Hennessey not worried by results”. For those not in the know, John Hennessy heads up the Ericsson organisation in Ireland. Dave, our usually very mild mannered press guy, looked as shocked as anyone – fearing that one of our management team had been collared by the journo’s.

Thankfully, all ended in relief as the headline was from the sport section and referred to Wolverhampton Wanderers’ goalkeeper Wayne Hennessey being unconcerned about his teams recent form!

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