What do you mean you didn’t know!

Come on now, for Ericsson employees there is no excuse any more for claiming not to have heard or seen an announcement or a news item published by us. Let’s take this morning as a prime example of what goes on behind the scenes in the comms team to bring you the news of Vodafone’s seven year managed service partnership with Ericsson.

With news such as this, we always announce internally at the same time as we do externally. There are a number of approvals needed to reach a final version of the press release within Ericsson and of course Vodafone in this case. Dave does a massive job in dealing with all parties, Business Unit contacts, Group Function/Sweden, MD, spokespersons etc. to get final sign off and an agreed release date/time.
On the internal side, we hover over some of our communication channels waiting to go live. However, the way that the intranet publishing works means we can’t prepare until the very last minute as articles or content have been known to appear via the search function, despite not being ‘live’. 

So, what happened today? Well, once we had the nod from Dave on a release time (9.30am UK), the content was loaded onto the intranet, images uploaded, feedback loop created, email to all staff drafted with link to the web release, email distribution groups chosen and added, and finally a summary prepared in our Spotlight TV news template and news ticker. Phew! All this completed in around 20 mins so that at 9.30am we press the buttons to go live. 

Still not aware? Well, here’s where and how we communicated the news:
  • Email sent to all UK employees with summary and link to intranet;
  • Press release published on intranet as headline story;
  • Created a web poll on the news to gauge reaction/feedback;
  • Published on Spotlight TV screens to all UK & Ireland offices in both the scrolling ticker and a separate news page;
  • Announced on the internal RSS feed via global intranet;
  • Announced on our Twitter feed with link to .com press release;
  • Added to the Express forum to encourage discussion on the news;
  • …and of course there’s the Spotlight Blog, where you are now.


Is that enough though? With the growth in managed services we now face new challenges in reaching field-based employees. We’re always looking to improve our communications and provide opportunities to give feedback, so I’d love to know what more we can do to ensure we communicate in the right way to you. All ideas and thoughts are very welcome.

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