What a job!

Just finished my input to the Strategy, Marketing and Comms monthly report. Thankfully it doesn’t take anywhere near as long as it used to now it’s in wiki format and also because we keep tabs on all activities in a trusty spreadsheet.
I still can’t get my head around just how much is taking place at the moment in the IC team, I mean look at these stats for April – 36 emails sent; 12 intranet articles published; 9 video updates to Spotlight TV; 1 Spotlight TV News show filmed, edited and published as well as 32 combined posts to the Spotlight Blog.
Every month I’m amazed at what has been achieved by the team and it’s not until you see the figures that it hits home just how much. May is going to tip the scales again with the Volvo Ocean Race set to spark a flurry of videos, news, blogs and tweets from Galway.
Last week a guy from down the road in Hampshire won what was touted as the ‘Best Job in the World’. But you know what – I actually think I already have that right here. Twelve years on, it remains the most exciting job I’ve ever had with new challenges everyday and the opportunity to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation. Fantastic!

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