It’s really happening

The heat has been turned up a notch in the ERT office here as we edge ever closer to finish of Leg 7 into Galway. Over the last 24 hours an influx of shore team, crew families and global project colleagues have arrived in Galway to boost the Ericsson-branded presence around the city even more.

We’re all working out of three rooms at the Radisson hotel, making use of the free wifi to get connected although that does have it’s pitfalls by throwing us out at times. That’s when it’s time to make a cuppa. 

While my colleagues in the UK bask in the sunshine now and probably through the entire Bank Holiday weekend, temperatures here are still in the mid-teens with cloud, rain, sun and wind. In fact, Guy Salter on board Ericsson 4 has already sent his advance apologies for the weather front they seem to be bringing with them in his report yesterday. Though as write this Ian Hall just proclaimed here “Don’t worry about the weather – the weather will take care of itself.” which is I guess the only way to look at it. 

I finally finished editing and published Spotlight TV News which included a small taster of Galway – it’s always an odd situation being a cameraman, reporter, sound guy and editor all in one. I did get a few funny looks from those around the dockside who saw me talking into a camera on my own! Kirsty from the Ireland comms team (well, it’s just her actually!) arrives tomorrow so you’re guaranteed someone better looking in front of the camera next time. 

That next time could be in little over 36 hours as the expected arrival of the first boat is 4.00am GMT on Sunday morning. Ericsson 4 lead the pack once again but it’ll be a close run thing to the finish. Looking through the Volvo Ocean Race plans for the teams’ arrival, they have pyrotechnics on standby – should interesting at that time of the morning! 

Off to a photo shoot around the race village this afternoon before it opens to the public tomorrow, so will post a few more pictures onto our Flickr site. 


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