One thing that has come up here in the office is that depending on the time the boats arrive into port, they could well find the harbour gates closed! No, nothing to do with the harbour master going home for the night, but more to do with the tide levels which will now play a major part in the finish – basically if the gates are closed, they’ll have to moor up outside and get a rib to dockside for the celebrations, which will be a strange way to end the journey across the Atlantic.
The afternoon report makes for an interesting read and with the high speeds the fleet is expected to arrive in Galway on Sunday between midnight and 0600 GMT.  Ericsson 4 has been setting the pace in the north, joined by sister ship Ericsson 3 and Green Dragon – over the past 24 hours these three have sailed 538 miles, 517 and 518 respectively. Over 100 miles of lateral separation lie between the pack heading North and those in the South.

This could well setup a very close finish into Galway in the early hours of Sunday, so we’re now preparing ourselves for either a late night on Saturday or an early wake up call on Sunday!