Social Media rules!


One of the main reasons that I use Twitter is the ability to follow people who share similar interests – the world of internal/employee communications being one of them. Before the onset of social media tools such as Twitter, Facebook, Yammer etc., I’d get my fix from scouring the web but in a very limited way; from reputed news agencies and other preferred sites listed in my favourites.

The world is now more accessible and a number of those I follow are kind enough to share all manner of links and information related to communications. One big topic which thankfully does not appear to have hit us is around just how much access employees have or should have to social media tools and applications.

survey by Robert Half Technology last week last week showed that 54% of the sample of 1,400 CIOs of companies with 100 or more employees block employees from accessing any social media at work. In my organisation it seems to be a different story. I’m not aware of any block on sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc and most of us here in should be well aware of the Email and Internet Abuse directive.

But take a look at Twitter for example. How many of you knew that they are actually a customer of ours, not only that but they’re driving profitable traffic for us through an Ericsson IPX solution! Then there is the Ericsson Social Media Portal launched earlier this year allowing employees to sign up and publish content direct to YouTube or Facebook – over 1,700 users across Ericsson use this to share information with friends, family and colleagues. Social media is very much here to stay.

Going back to the survey, there was a follow up posted online which lists several key arguments against blocking access to such sites, among them – access to social media improves productivity; blocking kills engagement; access to social media is not an automatic invitation to viruses and malware. You can read the rest here.

There is no doubt that social media is a key communication channel and that it has a home internally just as much as externally. I’m pleased to have been invited to join the Social Media Benchmarking Group by leading communications research and training company Melcrum. The group is a unique community of practitioners pioneering social media for internal communication at large organisations and we’ll meet for the first time next month in London.

Ericsson is I believe placing a lot of trust in its employees and crucially aware of the role it plays in creating an environment that is productive and innovative through its use of social media tools. Through good internal communications and engagement at all levels we really are creating an inspiring place to work.

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