Forza Frascati, Forza Roma!

When I moved to Rome one of the first things to choose was my colours. Basically Lazio or Roma. I chose Roma. Then of course I realised that both clubs share the Stadio Olimpico and what must derby day be like when they meet. Cue an invitation to the only two people I know who couldn’t resist the opportunity to experience Derby Capitale.

Needless to say Messers Fuller and Last, seasoned travellers of Europe and all things (and all leagues!) football promptly booked a flight over for what was one of the world’s greatest footballing derby matches. Both report regularly on their travels to witness some of the most far removed football matches from the Premier League – pop over to The Ball is Round and European Football Weekends to understand more.

Of course I couldn’t invite them over for a weekend just to see the Roma derby. Oh no, just down the road is the picturesque town of Frascati. Yes that Frascati. And yes they have a football team too! With the matches confirmed and tickets purchased, a weekend of football was set.

But this is where I leave you to the professional writers and handover to wonderfully recounted reports from the weekend by The Ball is Round. First up is the Sunday morning visit to Stadion VIII Septembre, Lupa Frascati vs San Cesareo.

The the big one – AS Roma vs SS Lazio in all its glory. Enjoy.

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