About Me

I’ve dipped in and out of writing a blog for quite a few years. I go through spells of posting regularly, then seem to slow down for one reason or another. So here I am again. New look site and a place for me to post ‘hopefully’ regular content about random things – my life, gadgets, tech (usually Apple), football (usually AS Roma), photography (usually AS Roma) and of course my chosen career where I’m currently heading Marketing & Communications for Italy and the South East Mediterranean at Ericsson.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Adam,
    Realised that I haven’t heard from you/contacted you for quite a while and whilst I can see from your ‘fresh faced’ profile picture that life appears to be treating you well, I hope that the ‘picture tells a thousand’ positive stories and that you and the kids are swell & dandy and that you enjoyed Xmas and the New Year!?

    As I have no idea how your ‘blog’ works you can contact me (if you can be bothered) via Linekdin (you youngsters know how that works!) or e-mail… I’m not telling you the address ’cause if you’ve lost it, I’ll be hurt! (insert winky face here)

    Take care, Adam, and up the Palace (and of course my second favourite team, Reading!)

  2. Hi Adam,
    I’m writing from a London based advertising agency. We’re currently working with a football funding company to create their new creative guidelines. We think you’re photography would work really well in the future campaigns.
    Your involvement would entail you attending football games and taking candid crowd shots.
    If this sounds like something you could be interested in just let me know and we can discuss properly.

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