I’ve got you covered comrade

One thing is certain when it comes to working in the Mediterranean and I don’t mean the great weather, food and drink. What has been clear since my arrival has been the unrivaled welcome from everyone everywhere to feel right at home and among friends. None more so than a recent visit to the Greek capital Athens.


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Florence and the machine

Well, it was hard not to use a headline like that having spent today in this beautiful Tuscan city. The machine in this case is Ericsson and four of the major telecom operators who have partnered with the public transportation company ATAF to bring mobile ticketing to passengers. Continue reading “Florence and the machine”

What were you doing 25 years ago?

It’s a lifetime for some, but for many 1985 was not that long ago. I can remember, just about, being at school learning on the first serious computers we had – the BBC Micro! Oh the fun we had in those days of writing a short piece of code that scrolled words on a screen over and over again…. 10 PRINT “HELLO”, 20 GOTO 10. How times have changed. But did you know that on New Years Day in 1985, the first ever mobile phone call was made from just down the road in Newbury, Berkshire? Michael Harrison phoned his father, a certain … Continue reading What were you doing 25 years ago?