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DSC_0040Moving to Italy 3 years ago has been a life changing experience and one that has meant me having to learn new things, adapting to new ways of doing things and of course settling into a new environment far away from the bright lights of my home town outside of London.

Over these years, I have formed new friendships both in the Ericsson office and within the community I now live. Diversity and Inclusion for me have been there from day one, but not something that I immediately thought about in such direct terms.

Adapting to a new culture and a new language has been a challenge but one that has been made easier by those around me who have welcomed me into their world with open arms, and this photo for me captures just that.

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One thing is certain when it comes to working in the Mediterranean and I don’t mean the great weather, food and drink. What has been clear since my arrival has been the unrivaled welcome from everyone everywhere to feel right at home and among friends. None more so than a recent visit to the Greek capital Athens.


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Photo: Ray Lloyd © 1975

It’s great to see the company I work get involved in a project close to my heart – photography. Ericsson are founding partners in the ADAY initiative which is asking you and people all around the world to pick up your cameras and picture what is close to you – to document daily life in one day, May 15th 2012. Continue reading…

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Well, it was hard not to use a headline like that having spent today in this beautiful Tuscan city. The machine in this case is Ericsson and four of the major telecom operators who have partnered with the public transportation company ATAF to bring mobile ticketing to passengers. Continue reading…



Ericsson Italy is all set to host its traditional Annual Event tomorrow in Rome, gathering many leaders from the telecommunications segment, institutional representatives and other key stakeholders from government and media.

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