I had the same issue last year as I do this year, exactly when do you stop saying Happy New Year to people?! My train of thought is that the first week back in the office is probably time enough to at least have met or bumped into colleagues in meetings, restaurant, corridors, lift etc to say the greeting.

However, I remember meeting someone in February last year who I’d not seen since before Christmas. It was he who greeted me with “Happy New Year!” Of course I replied with the same, but in February! Really? Should you stop once the decorations come down? Maybe after the first week of January? or even by February 1st? If you haven’t seen someone since the New Year celebrations, do you still say it or does it change into a “hello, long time no see”. Interested to know if anyone else has a view on this.

For the record, to anyone I haven’t yet met this week – a very Happy New Year – don’t be offended if I see you next week and don’t greet you with that phrase 😉