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Yep, it’s the May Bank Holiday weekend and that means one thing….er snow?! Apparently so for Monday says the iPad weather app. Great.

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So this was the scene at 7.45 this morning in the heart of Ericsson land. It seems like every other building is an Ericsson office, but where is everyone? Guildford it most definitely isn’t!


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A full day at the office, nothing unusual in that except I’m at Ericsson’s Group HQ in Sweden. After a simple 5 minute walk from the hotel this morning – well I say simple but actually my first step out of the hotel I almost ended up seeing stars, thankfully I recovered well from any embarrassment – it was a day of regional communication meetings. Good to catch up with some old friends too up on the 6th floor – yes I was allowed that high 😉




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It was only a bit of snow, right? Well yes but it turned out to be a rather large bit across Berkshire and North Hampshire in the end! I left the Guildford office at around 4.45pm in grey miserable rainy conditions and reached the M3 at Camberley in around an hour later. But that was just the start as 7 hours later I pulled into my drive! Continue reading…

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So the country grinds to a halt… again! It really is beyond me how much we suffer with roads/transport etc after a little bit of snow. I mean, there are many countries who still manage to run perfectly normal despite practically being covered in snow for months at a time – why is it so difficult here? Does this happen in winter in Stockholm? I don’t think so.

I managed to brave the weather and made it to within 10 miles of Guildford before having to turn back – just about every road into Guildford is blocked from either snow or accidents. Anyway, I’ve made it instead to Basingstoke – but by the looks of it I risk being snowed in here too! Now where did I put those tennis racket shoes of mine….

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