One small step for Malta, a giant leap towards 5G

It maybe small on the outside at just 28km long by 14.5km wide, but Malta is as big as any other country in the world when it comes to providing the best customer experience through state of the art technology. This week in the capital Valletta, our customer Melita held an event to launch the country’s most advanced 5G ready network. Continue reading “One small step for Malta, a giant leap towards 5G”

What happens in Barcelona doesn’t stay in Barcelona

Spoiler alert – unfortunately this isn’t a post about witnessing my adopted Italian team winning an incredible match that will live long in my memory. Nevertheless, I will take this opportunity to say congratulations to AS Roma on an immense achievement against arguably one of the greatest sides in the world.

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Super-fast Serbia gears up for 5G

This week I had the pleasure of returning to Belgrade and the relatively short 80 minute flight from Rome. I avoided the lure of in-flight wifi this time, heading to the Serbian capital for something just a little bit faster.

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The road to 5G leads to Rome

With a history spanning 28 centuries, the Eternal City is setting out it’s future for the next generation following a partnership agreement signed with Ericsson for the city’s ‘Roma5G’ project.

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Taxi to Israel

I’ve often referred to Israel as the Mediterranean’s hidden gem, and a chance to visit the local Ericsson team recently backed up that claim.

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What were you doing 25 years ago?

It’s a lifetime for some, but for many 1985 was not that long ago. I can remember, just about, being at school learning on the first serious computers we had – the BBC Micro! Oh the fun we had in those days of writing a short piece of code that scrolled words on a screen over and over again…. 10 PRINT “HELLO”, 20 GOTO 10. How times have changed. But did you know that on New Years Day in 1985, the first ever mobile phone call was made from just down the road in Newbury, Berkshire? Michael Harrison phoned his father, a certain … Continue reading What were you doing 25 years ago?